Osaka caught on film

I visited Osaka recently on my own mainly for Erykah Badu’s concert (certainly worth every penny). I was there for six days and didn’t really plan my itinerary so I basically wing it on where to go and what to check out. The weather was changing from Summer to Autumn so it was raining then it got really hot. Had a great time nonetheless, despite having boring/lonely moments since I didn’t really have anyone to talk to. There were language barriers that occurred a few times but I managed. Don’t think I’ll go back to Japan again anytime soon cause I got my eyes to go somewhere else instead. And this is like my third trip to Japan already.

This is the first set of photos from the trip, I have another set of pictures I took when I visited Nijō Castle in Kyoto where at that time they had an art exhibition happening. I’ve decided to post them separately. 🙂

October, 2017


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